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What would you like to see on the UCP?


Hello everyone.
As most of you already know, a new UCP has been in the talks for the past month and progress is being slowly made.
I've decided to post this thread to receive feedback from the community so we can tailor something for the community itself that fits the requirements and needs of the community.

So, now comes your part. What do you think should be included in this UCP, something that we might have missed during our planning.

My current list for development includes (first release):

  • Character menu
    • Specific character pages with basic information (Similar to in-game stats)
  • Faction dashboard
    • Includes roster of faction members
    • Last online dates of each member
    • Dashboard for faction control for ranks with powers over the faction, including:
      • Dismissing members,
      • Rank changes, and
      • General faction changes for leadership
  • Skin changing menu
  • Spawn change menu
  • MDC interface for law enforcement factions (VCPD)
    • Issuing firearm licenses
    • Checking records
    • Issuing charges
  • MDC interface for fire rescue

  • Business map

Do you think anything is missing and should be included? If so, post down below and let us know!
I'll check in on this topic regularly and hopefully respond to all of the feedback that we receive. Stay tuned for updates!

Best regards,
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At least around 5 jobs ti start with, beta testers (a good quantity of thrm) level system, VCPD system, property system, and, well, all of these RP stuff. But it's very important that:
- The server is properly tested by the beta testers to try to maintain the least amount of bugs when finally out
- The server has some kind of "trailer" to rise potential players' hype.
- Have an announced release date (preferably a weekend) with the support of a lifesteam/lifestreams from some small SAMP youtubers.
In other words, marketing. Or else it won't get enough support. I'd really like to see this project rise.