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Map suggestions: filling in the gaps


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Vice City was made in about 9 months, hence the huge swathes of empty land and myriad of construction sites dotted about the place where more interesting structures would typically be. Vice City Stories (the map and models of which have already been ported over from the PS2 to the PC through the PC Edition mod) fixed a lot of these discrepancies despite being set 2 years prior. Moreover, the locations in the latter provide a much more well-rounded roleplaying environment for civvies, LEOs, and criminals alike.

Here are a few I picked up on from the videos featured at the bottom of this post:

Video #1
0:38 - Older Sunshine Autos building with forecourt
0:57 - Newer (Vice City) Sunshine Autos construction site
1:42 - Trailer park
7:33 - Downtown hotel construction site
11:14 - Ghetto (Little Haiti) slum ruins
11:40 - Haitians' drug lab (better yet, restore this to the non-exploded version from the early VC campaign)

Video #2
3:07 - Colonial ruins in place of weird futuristic stilt building
5:09 - Ocean Beach police precinct restoration (roof bits with helipad)
7:10 - Car park, pedestrian park, and fairground in place of construction sites
11:13 - Prawn Island villas/mansions restoration
11:30 - Prawn Island back streets restoration

Map comparison video #1

Map comparison video #2


Definitely something that we're going to take on board. We're going to need to pick and choose what we want to bring over though, for example we already had plans for the area that the fair ground would've taken up (namely expansion of mid level housing, something the map lacks in general!) but the park in close proximity would be a great addition for civilian roleplay.

11:40 - Haitians' drug lab (better yet, restore this to the non-exploded version from the early VC campaign)

1:42 - Trailer park (Video 1)
5:09 - Ocean Beach police precinct restoration (roof bits with helipad) (Video 2)
7:10 - Car park, pedestrian park (Video 2)
11:13 - Prawn Island villas/mansions restoration (Video 2)


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Game Admin
Trailer Park is an Aye from me - gives the ability for those who want to RP low-income/hillbilly socio-economical background characters rather than our current situation of a hundred hotels, flats and a few amount of houses.
Added roof accessibilty for VCPD seems fine - Aye
Not so sure about the Fun-Fair. I mean, it'd fit with the theme of VC, but I'm not too sure what RP it would create for the server? - Nay
Car Park - Aye

Prawn Island/Villa Restoration - TBD - depends on what vision we would like these buildings to have. Not too sure if we want these to be player owned, or public areas for RP. Gangs/Low Income/Crackheads characters could slum in these abandonded buildings.


I've also implemented the trailer park from VCS and the park in Washington Beach from VCS.

I have also reviewed and overhauled the dynamic day and night shading for a large amount of land masses.

I am currently looking into further expansion of bringing over some of the criminal empire buildings to encourage possible gang activity throughout Vice City.